Button Craft Tree



Material needed:

  • 1 sheet of sturdy paper
  • A good handful of buttons
  • pencils/pens for drawing your tree
  • PVA glue
  • Glitter and anything else you would like to use as decoration


First draw your tree trunk, I used a pencil and then went over with a trunk coloured pen. Outline where you want the buttons to connect on the trunk with a pencil. I added glitter glue to the penciled circle just to make the penciled line look a little more pretty. Colour in your trunk and the ground around the base of your tree. Add Buttons to the outside of your penciled circle -using PVA glue-  to make it look like your tree is blooming buttons. Leave glue to dry for at least 20mins. Finish off your picture by creating a sky/background by coloring with pen/pencils.


I just came up with this idea today and thought I’d share it with the world 😉 This is a project that can be easily modified and changed to your preference, the aim is to just get creative and have fun. You could even print out a picture of a real tree trunk and add buttons to that, might be easier than trying to draw a tree trunk and it would still look awesome. Hope you guys have fun with this project, I did!

Em xo


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