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I got the idea from this blog: rufflesandstuff


This is possible one of the easiest art projects out there. All you need to do is find a silhouette/picture you like on the internet, in a magazine/book or have a permanent marker/black pen at hand . I found pictures on the computer because it was the quickest option (and I’m little bit lazy), it’s was so easy and only takes a few minutes if you have all the supplies.

For all of the book lovers out there I know this will be a hard project for you, like it was for me. Pulling out the pages of the old book was almost heartbreaking, I got through it though by telling myself I was giving an old unloved book a new life as beautiful piece of art.

And don’t worry I’m not wasting any of the book, I’m planning two other projects with the same book that should be up in the next few weeks (if all goes to plan)!



An old book – easy to find one for a few dollars at a second hand shop

Printer or Permanent marker/black pen or book/magazine



If you’re going to give drawing a go (I respect you very much!) then grab a permanent marker and you’re set!

If you’re using a book or magazine cut your picture/silhouette out and glue it on to your book page.

If you’re going to print it out then stick your page in a printer, find a silhouette or picture you like on the internet and print it out onto the page!


Note: I didn’t use A4 sized book pages so it was harder to line up for the printer correctly, but I got there in the end…With some help.



Lib xo


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