Indie song – Tracky Birthday – Salamander


                                                                          Link to song: youtube

About the artist:

Written by freemusicarchive to find out more go here

As a curly 14-year-old, Tracky Birthday played the drums on Germany’s Disney Club TV-show, while wishing he could sound like the 2 Live Crew or Ice-T. Some years later he dug out his Yamaha PSR-2700 for solo entertainers and became 1998’s secret lo-fi prince. When he got his laptop, he found himself able to sequence ukulele, congas, bongos, melodica, harmonica, jaw harp, saxophone, bass, guitar, didgeridoo, kazoo, flute, keyboard and turntable in a fair quality. After adding midi tracks that mainly consist of cowbells and those “huh!” and “hoh!” sounds, Tracky’s parallel world was complete.



An experimental electronic song by Tracky Birthday. This song has a good beat with creative and quirky lyrics that makes for a catchy lighthearted song.

Em xo


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