Happy new year!

Hey Guys!

As a bonus “OMG it’s 2014 I can’t even believe it!” special we’re posting two awesome (well we hope you think so) DIY projects up tomorrow to celebrate a new year!

We hope you have had the bestest 3013 and have got even better plans for 2014! Some exciting plans we are looking forward to in 2014 are…..

-Doing the colour run in Christchurch. (which is not to long away and we better start training…)

-Starting correspondence school (in just a few weeks, getting nervous!!)

-Getting our blog bigger and better!

-Starting driving lessons (I’m not sure we should be allowed on the road, yet)

-Adding glitter to EVERYTHING in our sights!

-And more craft/baking successes and failures to come. (Hopefully not to many fails…)

Our new years resolution’s…

(Which don’t sound as exciting as our 2014 plans… but we hope to stick to them at least)

Training 3 times a week for The Colour Run

Stop buying excessive amounts of unnecessary but fabulous shoes 

More organised, livable, glittery, bedroom (so you can see the floor at least)

Save at least $1,000 to go to Thailand in 2016 (Can we do it? YES WE CAN!!)

Not leaving anything till the last minute

Is there anything we should  be adding to our plans and resolutions? Not that we are making this any harder for ourselves!

Well this looks a little daunting all written down… but if we try hard enough it can be achieved! (Hopefully).

Have you guys got any feed back or suggestions about our blog? (We are new to this so your suggestions are welcome!)

We are planning on posting 3 times a week, if all goes to plan! (We will try not to slack off)

Good luck with your plans and resolutions, we will definitely need it! 😉

Lib & Em xo


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