DIY Menu Board


I got this menu board idea from this

Material needed:

Photo frame (with glass)

Paper for the back ground of menu


Felt-tip pen


Take your background piece of paper (make sure it fits nicely into your frame) and write down the days of the week and a header for your menu. You can use all sorts of colours of paper and pens to make it your own, be creative! Put the backing back on your frame, write down on the glass front what you are having for meals that week with a felt-tip pen (so it can be easily wiped off the glass) and hang it in your kitchen!


This is a very simple and useful project. You could easily make this a week planner or just a frame to write all your notes and reminders on. You can hang your frame up on the wall, use the stand that’s on the back of some types of frames to sit it on the bench or get some magnets and glue them securely to the back of the frame to hang it on the fridge. Make sure your menu is colourful and bright, you can always add glitter!

Em xo


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