Swimming with Dolphins


Dusky dolphin action shot

Today was a pretty exciting day, it started with a very early morning (which is definitely not the exciting bit), I went swimming with Dusky dolphins in Kaikoura! It was amazing, Me and my family went on an Encounter NZ Dusky dolphin tour. It took about 45 minutes to find the dolphins, we were getting worried we wouldn’t get to swim with them, since the whole trip is weather and time dependent. But when we found them we got to spend 1 hour in the water with the dolphins. We got full body wet suits, flippers and snorkels, the water was still freezing though! The dolphins were super playful and curious, swimming in circles with us and diving down, just out of arms reach but still very close. It was the best Christmas present, and definitely the most memorable (thanks Mum and Dad)!

Okay with out further a do, here are some photos!




We didn’t just see dolphins, we say Albatross to! With an approximate wing span of 3 meters these birds are massive.

dive group

This is the group we were diving with, I’m not sure which one I am, as you can see we all look almost identical…

dolphins and people

Told ya! The dolphins came super close, even closer then you can see in this picture.

tour guide

Our tour guide! Who did a very good job and returned with all the people he set out with.


Here’s a dolphin with a funny stub of a fin

lib and harp

Heading back to shore!

Thanks to Mum for taking all the photos!

Lib xo


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