DIY shirt printing

Shirt blog post

I’d wanted to do shirt writing/designing for a while before I actually got up off my butt and did it and I’m so glad I did, it’s really quite fun, I’ve done about 10 shirts already.

The materials you use for writing on the shirts are also perfect for pillow cases, shoes, bags, anything made with a fabric-y material. So far I’ve painted 10 shirts, a pillow case and a pair of shoes (which I will post up soon) all with one little pot of fabric pain which cost about $10, I could have done more but someone left the paint in the sun and it separated.

Personally I like quotes best on my shirts but I did come across this bear in a bow tie template on Pinterest and I couldn’t help myself.

shirt blog thing

Cute, isn’t it!

Make sure to use a white shirt if you’re using a template, else it’s going to be almost impossible to trace the template, I learnt that lesson the long way by having to go out and by another shirt one that was white instead of light grey, I thought light grey would be OK, but it wasn’t…

Of course if you’re free handing your design then you can use whatever colour shirt you like. If you really really don’t want to use a white shirt, but you are using a template than I’d suggest using a light box or something of that sort, I haven’t tried that before, but some other bloggers have said it worked.

Here is where I got the idea from: clonesnclowns

And here’s the link for the template I used for the bear in a bow tie: handmadecharlotte

Good luck!
Lib xo


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