Woven heart wall hanging

SAM_1396Material needed:





Paper to make templates




I found this tutorial on Pinterest:

8a4520c9c2cc2d902e1e042d63a11acaLink to pin : http://www.pinterest.com/pin/24277285465652158/

First cut out a paper template of one fabric shape shown in the photo above ^ (This may take a few attempts to get the right size/shape that you want. Fold your fabric in half and place template on your fabric, pin in place and cut out your shape. Repeat process again using the same template. Cut into your shapes to make at least four strips on each shape. Weave together the shapes as shown in photo above ^ (I found the weaving pretty difficult until I could see how it was all coming together).


For My bigger heart I made a bigger template and cut more strips to weave together then stuffed and stitched all the sides up with a needle and thread. I platted some string to hang my hearts on and added stitches of thread to keep them in place. This project is on the difficult side, especially if you want to make a bigger heart. I found this project to be quite time consuming, taking me around 1-1/2 hrs, It may of been because I was pretty tired when making it though.

Em xo


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