Origami stars



Material needed:




SAM_1446 Cut a strip of paper, make a loop and insert tab inside hole so the tab is tucked away in side the loop

SAM_1447Start folding the long end of paper ribbon

SAM_1449Continue folding and folding

SAM_1451Once you have folded to the end of the ribbon, tuck tab into one of the paper folds (sorry about the change in lighting, I was taking photos in the evening)

SAM_1455Pinch corners with fingers and push edges with finger nails until you get the desired shape. It is all about playing around with it until you’re  happy.

SAM_1461All done!

Note: I found it easier to make the stars with card paper rather then photo copy paper, it was a lot more sturdy and held together way better. I used patterned paper to create different styles of stars and also used glitter (of course!). This would be a cute decoration for a kids party or just as decoration around the house, these would also make super cute garlands!

Em xo


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