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As you can see from my picture, I haven’t made a violet heart. It’s not that I have anything against violet or anything like that, in  fact, I really like the colour violet. It’s that the felting needle snapped in half just as I was starting it. I  searched and searched for the packet of 4 or 5 felting needles that I know we have in the house, but with no luck. SO after 45 minutes of searching  I just said, I mean thought, else it would be like I was talking to myself (which I so don’t do), screw it, we can live without violet just this once.

The link to the instructions is for heart felted arm patches which are really cute and I have tried it, successfully even! Until (isn’t there always and until?) I put the shirt in the wash with the felted elbow patches. The patches shrunk. Leaving weirdly shaped hearts, which looked nothing like hearts and more like coloured hair balls attached to the elbows of my shirt. I’m not sure exactly why this happened but just be careful if your planning on washing your shirt! Maybe hand wash it or put it in a delicates bag on a cold wash.

So this time I just did some nice hearts that I’m planning to thread together and hang on my wall or make into cute little badges.

Instructions: diy-heart-elbow-patch

To make them into patches without attaching them to you’re shirt, just felt straight onto the foam pad and pull it off when you’re satisfied with the felted-ness (when there aren’t any fluffy bits left and it gotten a rougher feel to it.)

Oh and you definitely don’t need to just make hearts! You can make a verity of exciting shapes, I made stars, Christmas trees and hearts all threaded together for a Christmas decoration!

Note: I have stubbed myself with a felting needle before, so BE CAREFUL, they’re like ordinary needles but with tiny vicious barbs sticking out of them. So be aware and don’t get distracted and think you can watch TV and needle felt at the same time, you can’t. Music I imagine would be fine though.

Be careful,

Lib xo


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