Canvas Newspaper Art

20140221_113449_resizedMaterial needed:

A canvas




A paint brush/something you can apply the glue with

Brown paper

A pen


Cut the newspaper into strips with scissors, width and length don’t really matter as long as the strips fit on the canvas! Apply the newspaper strips to the canvas using glue (make sure it’s all nicely glued down). I applied the strips in a crisscross pattern but you could do it anyway you want. keep adding newspaper strips and glue until the canvas is covered.

Cut the brown paper to fit nicely over your canvas, leaving enough paper on all sides to fold over the back of the canvas. Draw an outline of your design on the brown paper with a pen, you can make your own design like I did or you could find a design online and print it out to use as a template. Use scissors or a craft knife to cut out the outlined design on the brown paper, the inside bits of paper from your design are not needed so go a head a recycle them! Apply glue to one side of the brown paper and carefully place the glued side against the glued newspaper strips, making sure your design is in the right spot and you’ve smoothed out any wrinkles.

Let the glue dry before flipping the canvas over and folding down the brown paper edges and gluing them securely.



I had a canvas just sitting around and I thought of this project as a way of putting it to good use! This turned really well and it’s now hanging on my bedroom wall. You can definitely experiment with different types of paper, colours and patterns. When I make my next canvas I’m I’m going to use glitter instead of newspaper to fill in my design!

Have fun,

Em xo


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