Silhouette Art


*My picture is on a green wall*

This is such a unique project and I love how you can make it so personal. This was reasonably easy to make and I think it turned out well.

Things you will need:

A picture of your pet or anything you choose as your silhouette

A canvas

Scissors/craft knife

A glue stick

Paint and paint brush


First you will need to find a picture that you want to use for your silhouette.

I knew I wanted to use a picture of my dog, so I went through pictures on my laptop until I of her that I was happy with.

262548_259529390729515_6165595_nI printed out this picture (making sure it would fit the size of my canvas) and then used scissors to cut out the silhouette to use as a template. Tip: when using a printed photo template you can flip it over to the plain white paper side and hold it against the canvas to get an idea of what the silhouette will look like.

To prepare your canvas for your template – you could either leave it plain or paint it any colour. I’ve used a canvas that has pink and white stripes, you could print out a cool pattern and glue it over your canvas. I’m sure you guys can come up with even more ideas to make your silhouettes really stand out!

Glue one side of the template (you will need to take off your template so I think a glue stick is best here) and place it down on your canvas.

Paint carefully around the glued template with a paint brush, filling in the background surrounding your template and making sure you’ll get a nice outline when you remove your template.

Now peel your template off the canvas (it’s fine if your paint is still a little wet, just take care). You should be left with an awesome silhouette!

I got the idea for this project from this blog post –

Note: I used some cotton buds and water to carefully touch up any lines I wasn’t happy with. I used a hair dryer to make sure all the paint was dry – you don’t want any accidental smudges after all that hard work! I found it tricky to get clean lines when I peeled the template away from the paint but other than that I’m happy!

Em xo


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