Otago Harbour – New Zealand

Just a little thing I wrote for an English assessment:

Sunset over the Otago Harbour

The morning sun rises over the Otago Harbour and reflects off the houses nestled on Signal Hill. A soldier stands on the Otago peninsula and gazes out over the Otago Harbour and across to the city of Dunedin. A statue for all the soldiers who went off to war with hope in their hearts and duty in their souls and who did not come home. The sun rays shoot across the cloudless soft blue sky like colourful fingers, the colours dance and reflect off the ripples of the deep blue harbour. Cormorants dive-bomb the harbour in search of their breakfast and others sit in nearby trees that fringe the harbour with their wings held out to dry in the sun after a morning swim. Seagulls swoop and circle over the water, cackling in hope of food. Rowers glide across the water, pushing towards their goals, their breath visible in the crisp morning air. Yachts dip up and down in the water, anchored to the harbour bed. The rush of traffic is constant as early commuters head off to work along the winding roads on either side of the harbour. A train hurtles down dew covered train tracks that hug the peninsula, heading to port to deliver shipping containers. A cycle way runs against the rocky harbour shore, people are out exercising, inhaling the morning harbour air that has a hint of seaweed as they admire the scenery.

The setting sun gives a colourful show as it sinks from the sky. The rush of traffic can be heard as people head home after a day of work. The harbour lights blink on and off in the middle of the harbour, guiding any boats that are traveling in the dark. The Cormorants are in their nests and are hidden in the trees for the night. The wind can be heard whistling through the leaves on the trees. The harbour is slowly blanketed in darkness, the city lights sending trails of light across the water. A few houses on the hill have their lights on, sending out a soft yellow glow from their windows. The seagulls squawk to each other across the harbour in the dark, their calls echo around the hills that surround the harbour. The night sky is sprinkled with stars and there is a bright crescent moon shining, they reflect off the now deep black coloured harbour. A train chugs along the train tracks, pushing through the darkness. The cycle way is deserted and lit by lamp posts. The water can be heard lapping at the rocky shore. The scent of seaweed can be smelt in the air. The stone figure of a World War 1 infantryman still gazes out over the Otago Harbour and across to the City of Dunedin, standing tall in the darkness.

– Photo and Text by Emily Christensen



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