10 Ridiculously helpful guides

Now I am indeed a lover of  anything that is even close to a list. I mean you can never beat a good old fashioned list but guides come in a close second place.

On my hours of Pinterest I browsing I have come across some really really helpful guides from ‘How to ice cakes’ to ‘How to pack for studying abroad’ and I just know, I just know they will come in handy one day. Maybe not right now, maybe not in a year but one day.

So, here are 10 guides I think you can live without no longer!

1. Can’t seem to find that perfect cookie recipe? Prefer your cookies crunchy, chewing or soft?

Well here’s the guide to making the perfect customized cookie!

The Ultimate Guide to Chocolate Chip Cookies from HandletheHeat.com


2. Need to find out the name of that dress shape you just love, but Google doesn’t seem to understand

your perfectly logical explanation of it’s shape? Well, here’s a handy chart for you.

dress shapes


3. Haven’t we all had a camping experience when you wake up in the middle of the night and you’re so

absolutely freezing cold you can barely move? Guess what? There’s a guide for that.

How to Sleep Warm when camping


4. Ever got yourself a recipe for something and then seen that all the measurements were in ounces

and you needed grams? Of course there’s no converter on the recipe.

Here’s a guide to make that experience a lot easier.

Kitchen Cheat Sheet - printing and keeping it in my kitchen!.


5. There’s actually a reason for those annoying stickers on your apples, who new!?

Who knew those annoying little fruit stickers could actually contain useful consumer information? : Foolish Fire


6. It’s important to learn dog language to keep you and others round you safe.

Here’s a guide, educate yourself.


7. Making a cheese board isn’t as simple as it looks, there are some key ingredients

that you just cannot miss out.

how to make a cheese plate


8. Ever been in such a crippling amount of pain you can’t even begin to explain how bad it is? Or just a little

bit of pain but you don’t really feel like talking? Keep this guide handy for those situations.

A better pain chart


9. Going away for a long trip or overseas? You need this guide how inconvenient is it going to be when you

forget to bring your plug adapter and can’t charge any of your many electrical devices?

Very, it’s going to be very inconvenient.

looks like it could be handy.


10. How to tie ear phones so they don’t constantly get tangled and make you want to murder everything.

Need to remember this!


Okay that’s 10. Have fun with all your new life skills.

 Lib xo


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