10 Awesome Inventions

There are so many awesome things that exist and I struggled to narrow it down to just 10. This list could go on forever but here are 10 things that I think are freaking great.

1. A Pizza sleeping bag.

6a7c05fe35b96dc22f83cb06c2f168fcBecause who doesn’t want to sleep in a slice of pizza?

2. A mana-tea infuser.

16ce106a9e1276b5c3fe6b7ad899bc08I can’t believe how awesome this is. You gotta love puns!

3. A rainbow keyboard.

0290d7742608c0a379debd452f056dbbI feel like this would instantly improve my typing skills.

4. A seat bookcase.

14e11b3f766e3e9c495a4ddaeb5e1f73This looks like an awesome spot to read.

5. A bunny lamp.

60d6b6f2b55718414b43554a63caa2daSah cute!

6. Chocolate bar beding.

9820811dac84c105db0b632660f1f092Because why not?!

7. A slide staircase.

ebc7b2bfb181733bfcdd247eeca8fc19This would be amazing. Stairs are boring anyway.

8. A ‘Stuff I should really get done’ book 😉

Awesome-Things-13This is motivation right here.

9. A case for your laptop that looks like a book.

47786f2bcfa21ace6af200aa39e17b7eThere is no better way to carry your laptop around!

10. A cup with a biscuit holder.

7054cce9c512dbb530bdd533e1b87e9bI think this is the best invention ever.

Now I need to go out and buy all these things for myself!

Em xo


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