I was scrolling through one of my Pinterest boards that is filled with quotes. And of course I got super inspired to do a whole lot of stuff and one of those things was make a blog post containing some of my absolute favourites.

I’m not sure if anybody else gets this feeling, but when I’m scrolling through the quotes section on Pinterest, I start feeling really conflicted. Some quotes are like “Nothing will ever get done if you don’t work hard” and I’ll be think “sure that makes sense”, but then other’s are like “Life is short, relax and things will happen of there own accord” and I also agree with those ones. Then I just don’t know what I believe in anymore…

Anyway, here are some of my super favourite quotes.

qoute 2

quote 3 quote 4 quote5


quote 1






quote 13

Do you feel inspired yet?

Lib xo

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