Just some drawings

 I thought I would share some of my art with you guys. I don’t really see myself as an artist but I guess your worst critic is yourself. I love sketching because it’s a good way for me to chill out (Just give me some paper and a pencil, chuck some music on and I’m happy). I haven’t taken any lessons, so I have just sort of self-taught myself over the 2-3 years that I’ve been drawing. I feel like I have developed my own unique style and just seeing the pictures come to life on the paper in front of me is freaking cool. Anyway here is some of my art. I have decided that these four drawings are in a series as they have the same theme to them.

This first drawing is of my cat, Domino.

ec54245956aa47bf60eda4ceb3c66316   I feel like this drawing describes his crazy unique character.

This drawing is of a Poodle.

9c861d5fce67cb760a3e2e833f2b2c56I have know idea why I like drawing animals in fancy outfits, it’s just is what I do.

This drawing is of a Ram.


After I’d drawn this I had trouble deciding what animal it was.

And this is a drawing of a Boston Terrier.

15e77523c03327c165a38636c57c5424I find Boston terriers extremely cute

In case you couldn’t tell – I like drawing animals so that’s what I’ll mostly be uploading!

Em xo


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