10 Awesome Youtubers

So… I watch a lot of Youtube, I’m not going to lie. I don’t know about you, but I find it really hard to find entertaining youtubers who post regularly. So I have acquired a few over the past year and these are my favourites. Some are vloggers, beauty gurus, comedy skits, short film makers and just people.

In no particular order

1. ChewingSand – www.youtube.com/ChewingSand

“If you like witty, sassy, Irish girls… you’ll hate this. Don’t even bother subscribing. Go make a cup of tea instead.”

2. Sprinkleofglitter – www.youtube.com/Sprinkleofglitter

“New videos every Sunday and sometimes A cheeky bonus midweek woah pony that’s exciting

Aloha! I love beauty, babies (particularly mine) and shopping. Come on in, the water’s fine!”

3. vlogbrothers – www.youtube.com/vlogbrothers

“Raising nerdy to the power of awesome.”

4. KickThePJ – www.youtube.com/KickThePj

“I’m PJ, creative story teller connoisseur.”

5. Jack & Dean – www.youtube.com/JackAndDean

“We make funny videos to avoid getting a proper job.”

6. Tyrannosauruslexxx – www.youtube.comtyrannosauruslexxx

“Dumb internet videos every Tuesday and Friday by Lex Croucher”

7. shutupmarina – www.youtube.com/marinashutup

:My videos have been described as “mildly entertaining” and “the worst editing I have ever seen”. Here we vlog about Catholic school and my Bio professor. I put up videos weekly and I’ve been told that I take sarcasm to the point of making people sick. Let’s have some good times.”

8. FunForLouis – www.youtube.com/FunForLouis

“My name is Louis Cole. I make a daily vlog of my life! I enjoy travelling the world with friends, having fun and inspiring others!”

9. Khyan – www.youtube.com/Khyan

“This is my business e-mail for bidniss only electric_buzzsaw(at)hotmail.co.uk aaaight!”

10. bingradio – www.youtube.com/bingradio

“A channel of talking, travel and life advice from Christopher Bingham.”

11. danisnotonfire – www.youtube.com/danisnotonfire

“hello i’m dan i make videos about how awkward i am and people laugh at me. hit the ‘subscribe’ button to be told when i upload a new video and join the INTERNET SUPPORT GROUP!”

12. Jack Howard – www.youtube.com/JackHoward

“I’m a filmmaker. I’m one third of comedy duo Jack and Dean. I’m trying to impress my Dad.”

13. Nine brass monkeys – www.youtube.com/ninebrassmonkeys

“My name is Ben. I make videos on YouTube because I want to be “crazy  internet famous”. My hair is red like a fire engine.”

I’m sorry for ruining your life (not really), you’re never going to leave youtube with this list of people to watch.

Have fun,

Lib xo


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