Garlic and Ginger Snow Peas


This is a perfect starter or side dish, here I used green beans as well as snow peas, but it’s great either way, you just have to cook the beans for a bit longer. You want the snow peas and beans to still have a bit of a crunch to them so this is a reasonable quick dish to prepare.

1 fresh or frozen red chili

5 cloves garlic

A thumb of ginger

350g Beans or snow peas – I used 250g Green Beans and 100g Snow Peas


Soy sauce


Finely chop chili, garlic and ginger, add to a hot wok or frying pan with oil. Fry until almost brown.


Rinse snow peas and beans and cut the ends off. If using beans throw them into the wok 3 minutes before the peas, as they take longer to cook. Stir the fried garlic, ginger and chili together with the peas and beans. Cook for 5-8 minutes until peas are warmed through but still crunchy.


Serve hot with rice.

Happy cooking,

Lib xo


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