Now and then – Short story

I had to write this for homework and thought I’d share it with the internet.


 Photo by nzrentacar and newzealand-ryugaku

Auckland harbour bridge

I remember sitting in the back seat of a rented car driving over Auckland harbour bridge one summer. The car had that new car smell and black leather seats so clean you’d think no one had ever used them. Mum and Dad were complaining about the traffic in the front seats but I didn’t understand why, the time seemed to be flying by as we zoomed past the other cars, I tried to watch them as they rushed past, but as soon as I saw one it was gone again in a flash of colour. Everyone seemed to be in a hurry or late for something, they all needed to be somewhere before they’d even left the house. It was a hot summer day, the sun was shining so brightly on the deep bluey green water it sparkled. There were thousands of tiny white boats in the harbour all bunched together. The bridge was so tall, I could see the sky tower in the city, to One tree hill, to the suburbs surrounding everything. I felt like we were driving through the sky. I stuck my arm out the window to see if I could reach any clouds but only felt the air rushing past. Just as soon as we’d driven up the bridge we were driving down the other side.

5 years later…

As we drive over the harbour bridge I understand why Mum and Dad complain about the traffic, I can see a long line of cars snaking around a bend in the road, we’ll be stuck in that line soon I think to myself. Dad is driving and Mum is in the seat next to him, they’re talking about something but I’m not really listening. It’s humid in the car and my legs are sticking to the leather seats. I wind down the window and sit back feeling the sea air rush over my face, it smells like salty ocean air and car exhaust. I look over the water and see lots of tiny boats sitting in the water and try to remember the first time I went over the harbour bridge. I feel sad when I remember how excited I used to get, nothing has changed the harbour bridge, so it must be me who has changed. Then I look over to my little brother sitting next to me in the back seat, he’s just as excited as I used to be. His eyes light up as he sees the sky tower as we turn the corner. Things just become less exciting as we get older I think to myself, as I watch him talk enthusiastically about where we’re going next.

Lib xo


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