Happiness is…

Sometimes, we forget to appreciate the little things.

And sometimes, but really, most of the time, these little thing are what actually, really do, make us the happiest.

I found all of these images on lehappyme.com and they were created by  Lisa Swerling & Ralph Lazar, there are so, so many more.

Want more of these amazing images? You can find them at their:

FaceBook page:  itsthehappypage


Online Shop: lastlemon.com

happy-quotes-2153 happy-quotes-997 happy-quotes-431 happy-quotes-2421 happy-quotes-1661 happy-quotes-905 happy-quotes-2366 happy-quotes-1504 happy-quotes-2065 happy-quotes-11 happy-quotes-432 happy-quotes-1240 happy-quotes-2313 happy-quotes-68 happy-quotes-2182 happy-quotes-2255 happy-quotes-62 happy-quotes-1585 happy-quotes-2401 happy-quotes-1156 happy-quotes-238 happy-quotes-2184 happy-quotes-1750 happy-quotes-1868 happy-quotes-1172 happy-quotes-1395 happy-quotes-1483 happy-quotes-593 happy-quotes-828 happy-quotes-2074

Did you get all the warm and fuzzy feelings?

Lib xo


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