Call it what you will, scroggin, gorp, trailmix, they basically all mean the same thing. Personally, I like the word scroggin best, not sure why, I just like the way it sounds.

I recently went away on a school camp and one of the things I had to bring was scroggin, I’ve always knowen about scroggin, but never eaten it that much.

But now I have a new found love/obssesion with scroggin, it’s the best! You can choose whatever dried fruit, nuts, assorted snackie things you like. Making your own personalised batch of deliciousness that is unique to your own taste.

You can make massive batches or tiny batches, savory or sweet scroggin. There are just so many choices!

Here is my perfect scroggin recipe:

-Roasted almonds



-Macadamia nuts

– Brazil nuts

– Yoghurt covered raisins

– Dried cranberries

– Dried apple

– Apricot coconut delight

– Pumpkin seeds

Have fun experimenting with your perfect scroggin,

Lib xo


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