Getting edumacated

tumblr_lw9w2ts0iN1r1shyoo1_50015/02/14, the beginning of our school year and 18/11/14 brings us to the end.

There was tears, confusion, disappointment, triumph, frustration, achievement, sleep deprivation, success, tantrums, laziness, drama, motivation, stress, tension, aggravation, and so so many cups of tea. But all round it was a pretty great year that has given us the opportunity to do some amazing things and achieve so many of our goals.

Just a few of the things that we have done over this year:

– Became certified in first-aid

– Started volunteering weekly at our local SPCA

– Participated in The Color Run

– Tried Swing dancing

– Went to our first school camp in Boyle River and met some really cool people

– Went to our first proper school exams

– Lib introduced Em to BBC Sherlock

– We go our learners licenses

– We did the Polar plunge

– We volunteered at the Science Festival

– We joined the Youth Council

– We did an all-nighter watching season 3 of ‘Community’

– Lib got addicted to strawberry fraps and leggings

– We may have gotten addicted to watching Here Comes Honey Boo Boo… shhh

– Em started drawing animals in hats

– We lived at the library while studying for at least a month

– We spent a week in Christchurch, hanging out like grown ups

– We got too emotionally involved with The Maze Runner and Divergent book series

– We watched The Maze Runner and Divergent movies

– We went to the Polytech Art open day and made some hella cool stuff

 So, we think we’ve had one of the busiest, if not the busiest year of our lives, and certainly a memorable one! We’re glad that we have a nice big break that we can fill with Christmas blogging exciting fun times!

We hope everybody else has had a lovely year!

Lib & Em xo


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