Candy Cane Wreath

True to our word we are keeping with the holiday spirit with this super cute (and delicious for after the holiday season) candy cane wreath. Originally this was a pinterest project and we were a bit skeptical on  whether it would work or not (as pinterest is full of amazing DIYs that tend to fail a lot and break your hopeful heart). But this one turned out great, with help from a very decent amount of hot glue!


Candy Cane Wreath

20 candy canes




permanent marker

hot glue gun


Tape your candy canes back to back in pairs and arrange the pairs in a circle to form hearts on a flat work surface to form a wreath.

Cut out a circle of cardboard with the scissors and write a festive message or decorate the cardboard circle as desired.

Add hot glue all over the plain side of the cardboard and quickly place on the center of the candy cane wreathe, pushing down firmly for a minute to ensure that the cardboard holds the wreathe together.

Very gently flip the wreathe over, exposing the under side. Hot glue around the candy cane ends that are resting on the cardboard to ensure maximum strength. Push the hooked ends of the candy canes together and carefully hot glue them in place.

Finally tie your ribbon so that it forms a large loop and hot glue one end to the underside of the cardboard on the wreathe, you can use this to hang the wreath up.

Happy holidays,

Lib & Em xo 


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