Miniature Books

20141125_173431~2~2Have you ever seen anything more adorable than these tiny books!? They have real pages that can be turned and written on. These books are surprisingly easy to make and can be used for anything from dolls house decorations to miniature sketchbooks.

 Miniature Books

20141125_164529~2You will need:

Glossy paper (such as magazine paper)

A pad of paper that is glued at the spine

A ruler

A pen

Scissors or a craft knife

Card stock



Embroidery thread

Thin sliver or gold thread

Sliver/gold glitter glue or nail polish

Photo Collage Maker_QRGhFeUse the ruler to measure the glued end off of your pad of paper to cut at 1/2 inch or 9/16 inch.

20141125_165534~2Glue a piece or two of card stock on the spine of the book. This helps to maintain the shape of the spine.

Photo Collage Maker_lVTgOoTrace around the book, or measure the length and width of the book and make the covers and a spine from card stock. Cut small pieces of thread a glue to the spine. Glue the covers and spine to the covering of your choice, leaving a little room between the covers and spine. Trim the covering around the book cover and snip the corners.

20141125_171427~2Glue the covering to the inside of the covers.

20141125_171645~2Glue the thin thread at the bottom and top of the spine.

20141125_172259~2Apply glue to the inside of the cover and press the book inside. Force the book back towards the spine. Make sure you push the book back far enough so that the detailing on the spine shows.

20141125_172950~2Paint gold/silver on the raised detailing of the spine.

And there you have your own miniature book!

Craft adapted from: How To Make Miniature Books (a 2 part tutorial)

Happy Crafting!

Em xo


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