Mini Winter Hats

20141129_163225~2I cannot get over how cute these little hats are. You can make all different sizes and colours. This is a great idea for a craft session with kids, as these hats are super easy to make!

Mini Winter Hats


toilet paper/paper towel tube


ruler/measuring tape



20141129_160144~2Flatten your paper tube. Don’t worry about bending it.

20141129_160240~2Measure sections that are 3/4 of an inch wide. Use your sharpie to mark and then cut.

20141129_160837~2Cut yarn strands roughly 14 inches long. Don’t worry about being too exact.

unnamedSlip the loop from one strand of yarn through a paper tube. Loop it around the two ends and pull tight.

20141129_162402~2Keep going all the way around the tube. Make sure you have enough strands to cover the paper.

2 Now squish all those strands through the tube and you’ve just formed the brim of the hat. Use a spare strand of yarn to tie a double knot about an inch from the brim. (you could also use this strand to tie a little loop so you can hang the ornament). Trim the loose strands to form a puffball. Make it as fluffy or as short as you want and now you have your own adorable little hat!

Craft adapted from: make-it-winter-hat-ornaments

Happy crafting!

Em xo


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