A photo a day August

It’s August already!
We decided to make our own photo a day project, the original idea is from this really cool blog fatmumslim. Here is the list we made, we’ll be making a blog post on the 1st of September containing all the photos we’ve taken through the entire month of August. Feel free to use this list for your own project and share your photos with us, we’d love to see them!
1. furry
2. Rings
4. Clouds
5. Dinner
6. on my feet
7. Sharp
8. Glittery
10. Outfit
11. Tea
12. Exercise
13. Triangle
14. Night time
15. Purple
16. Day time
17. Reflection
18. A Quote
19. Pencil
20. Fabric
21. Jump
22. A photo of a photo
23. Wind
25. Wheels
26. Traveling
27. Button
28. writing
29. Light
30. FAvourite thing
31. Last thing you bought

Have fun!

Lib & Em xo


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